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Awesome to have Jessica Barry as she shares about her experience in Real Estate! Let’s be inspired with her story 🏠

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They’re like homeownership is kind
of like, okay, can we do this or

do we have to go out of state?

So Jessica, let’s talk about a little bit,
your experience, um, you, your husband,

uh, shopping for a home and what made
you kind of decide this was the right

time for you to buy your first home?

Yeah, sure.

So, uh, you know, we, we always knew
that it was something we wanted to do.

We were both very clear that, um, that
owning a home was, was a goal of ours.

But we, we weren’t entirely sure
how or when, and then the oppor

opportunity arose, uh, right.

Cause we live in Northern California
in one of the most expensive places.

Homeownership is kind of like.

Okay, can we do this or do
we have to go out of state?


Um, quiet.

I love Sonoma county was
born and raised here.

So, uh, you know, I’ve been holding
onto the dream and the opportunity arose

for us when he actually got a new job.

And, um, in his, our income, our household
income, his, his salary was, um, more

than doubled for what he was making.

And so.

Literally within the month that he
started his new job, I called you.


Part of our approval letter was like,
but they were like, okay, like you

don’t even have any pay stubs yet.

Like we need a letter from your
employer saying what your salary is.

And that kind of right.

I mean, like we had like jumped on,
it jumped as soon as we knew that

we wanted to, or that we could,
uh, we pounced on it and then.

Gosh, I want to say, cause what I
think our whole process with you with

maybe a total of two months, right?

See many homes.



We didn’t look at very many.

Um, I had some, I had like a list
that I, you know, like, okay,

here’s the things I definitely want.

And then a few things of
like, well, here’s what I’d

be willing to compromise on.

Um, and the air you ended up
choosing Seth used to live there.


He rented a house close by.

Well, I mean, I’ve lived in multiple
neighborhoods all over Santa Rosa.

Um, having grown up here and
my family’s here and whatnot.

So, um, we actually are in a neighborhood
that, um, neither of us had actually lived

in specifically, but we’re really loving.

It’s like a lot of people, our
age, a lot of people with young

children and we’ve got a daughter.

Um, and you know, I really love
seeing how many young children

are in the neighborhood.

Um, and that the neighborhoods.

Uh, like those, those two things
are like really, um, like those are

things that I really appreciate.

Now what was kind of the scariest
part of during the process for you?

Because it is it’s nerve wracking,
you know, being a, for somebody

it’s nerve it’s, you know, it’s,
um, I think it’s just the fact

that we’ve never done it before.


And like anything that you’ve
never done before, there’s a,

there is an element of the unknown.

And I think, uh, I was holding it in
my head as it was like this kind of

intense or scary thing to jump into
because there’s a lot of things that

I need to know, or there’s a lot
of, you know, what are the taxes and

what, what does closing costs mean?

And what does that, you know, Um, but I
got to say, Andrew, like you did a great

job of like being very patient with us and
explaining everything and, and everyone

along the way they’re professionals.

And so even if I didn’t fully
understand all of the terms and you

know, stuff in that moment, I knew.

Like I got the impression and
like, could feel the energy from

people that like the cream, like,
obviously you’ve done this a lot.

This is what you do.

And I can trust in the
process because I trust you.

Um, so, you know, Like doing like, and it,
it is, it’s a lot of paperwork and it is a

lot of like compiling a bunch of different
documents and really, you know, being on

top of that for a while, but it’s not,
it’s not, it’s not, not doable, you know?

It’s it’s a process you go through.

But, um, you know, it’s, like I
said, like, there’s plenty of people

to help along the way, uh, that
actually we’ve made it way easier

than I thought it was going to be.

Um, he was great.

And, you know, and there is a little
bit of a learning curve with yeah.

Like setting up accounts and having
annual taxes in this, you know, like

your property tax and those kind of
like there’s things to learn and know.

Um, but I feel like systems.

Exists to help make that easy.

And like, just relying on those systems
is, you know, very, has been very easy

being, just kind of settle into that.

And they’re like, okay, we aren’t
the first people to ever buy a house.

Like people do this, all the
pioneers, you know what I mean?

Like since, since owning
the house, what has changed?

Cause everyone’s lifestyles
had to change during the day.

Pandemic, um, how have you guys adjusted
and been able to maintain, um, AF after

that fortunately, His job is very stable.

And, uh, you know, he
works at an, at a school.

Um, you know, the work itself is, has,
has shifted, but like, you know, he’s,

he’s still got his job and that’s great.

And he actually even has gotten a raise.

And so that’s given us some good stability
there, you know, for me actually, um,

I’ve been working in the last 13 years.

I’ve done a lot of different things in
my life, but, um, my kind of main gig.

Uh, for the last eight ish years
of those 13 is it was working

out, um, at an outdoor school.

Uh, you know, I was the director
of a challenge course program.

And what we were doing
was actually environmental

education for school children.


So school, field trips to us
for when COVID hit that, that,

that wasn’t happening anymore.

In fact, we still have not had
any program because schools

aren’t in session teachers.



Um, and so for me professionally,
um, that pause to things like I was

furloughed from my job last summer.

Um, and so, you know, that I was
fortunate enough to get on unemployment.

I’m very thankful that that
benefit exists when it’s needed.

And, uh, and so we’ve been able to
maintain, but, you know, I mean, we’re

coming up on what almost a year that I.

In two weeks, it’s going to be a year.

Yeah, I know.

And so that’s been wild, so I’ve
actually taken the opportunity

to look into, um, okay.

Like what’s, what’s next for me,
you know, and I was kind of feeling

ready to move on professionally.


I kinda, um, I like to try
out different things and, um,

have a very diverse resume.

Uh, some, some people refer to, to people
like myself as a multipotentialite.

Because he liked to dive into
certain things, you know, and maybe

you stick with them or maybe you
don’t, but a lot of your Spotify.



That’s pretty diverse.

Um, so I actually took the opportunity
to, um, kind of just start researching.

I knew.

That I wanted to figure out.


Cause this day and age, like
people are making a lot of money

on the internet and even kids like
residual residual income streams.


So I was like, okay, hold up.

Like, what is everybody else doing?

Because I want to figure this out.

So I actually started researching,
e-commerce drop shipping, starting

a YouTube channel, starting
a podcast network marketing,

like all of these things.


Um, and I was like, okay,
Scale, how do I monetize?

How do I, I started analyzing, um, all
of these different options, uh, and

knowing that, you know, okay, well,
what’s the, what can I get into that?

Doesn’t cost very much money or like,
what can I scale the quickest or.

You know, what has the
quickest return on investment?


And for a long time, I was really
adamant about I’m going to start a

YouTube channel and I still probably
will, but I, I had this sense of

urgency within me that like, I wanted
to figure out the thing that essentially

could give me a really quick ROI.


And so, um, you know, and YouTube,
in order to monetize, you have to

have, um, a thousands of hours.

And 4,000 watch hours, and then
you’re eligible for ad revenue

and it starts pretty low.


And like 4,000 watch hours, that’s
a lot of video to try to create

and then hope that people are
watching it and it goes viral,

which maybe you, you know, whatever.

So, and then you’re also like
getting the camera who it meant or

whatever, and then doing the editing.

Like there’s a lot that goes
into it, although it can be fun.

Um, you know, and then you look at things.

E-commerce or like setting up your own
Amazon store or something, you know, and

you got to kind of like follow the trends
and like, well, what are people buying

and kind of hope that you get lucky with
a product, but then you can pay people for

some training to tell you what’s trending.

And there’s just all
this stuff going into.

Um, and the thing that I found
actually that became the most

attractive thing was network marketing.

Um, and I had had a little bit of
a wall put up to it because I think

network marketing got kind of a
bad name in the nineties and early

two thousands, or at least when I
was experiencing it at those times.


Because, um, It was just done wrong.

It wasn’t done very well.

Like people were just kind of,
uh, pushing it hard, you know,

or, you know, it was like you had
to tap out your, your network.


And, and kind of hope that
all these people would have.

We done one before.

I hadn’t done one before,
but I’ve came close.


I’m close.

And I’d even like sat in on meetings
and like almost went all in and

like, for some reason, it just.

Fully, I don’t know.

It just didn’t fully align
or like sit completely.


And so I, um, had some girlfriends,
actually two different girlfriends

who were involved with this other.


And, and, and one of the biggest
differences that I’ve found with

this, um, this organization that I’m
involved in is that they actually had,

like, they have a whole supplement
line and I know a lot of them do.

Um, but like there’s product, right?

So at it’s basic, it’s actually
just direct sales, it’s direct

sales and affiliate marketing.

Like it’s, it’s that simple.

You could literally just like sell
product and make a commission.

Like, that’s it.


But then you could also do the
multi-level build your team thing.

You could do either and be successful.


So that’s what attracted to me, me to this
specifically, because they had product

and I’m, you know, one of the things
I did in my life, I actually graduated

from nutrition school here in Sonoma
county from Bowman college years ago.

And then I also used to
work, um, selling stuff.

So I’ve kind of been in the supplement
world and realm and I’ve, you know, even

though I got out of it, I still like
to maintain knowledge in that realm.

And I concern myself a little
bit of a supplement nerd.

Um, uh, and so when I started, so
that’s what I, I started with the, I

was like, let me just try the product.

Like I don’t, I don’t, I don’t
care about the business yet.

I’m interested potentially, but.

Because I can’t sell something
if I don’t believe in it.



And so just the quickest, little
bit of like my health story.

Cause I did have some health
stuff going on at the time.

I had a lot of inflammation in my body
and that was actually, um, it was a

lot in my neck and shoulders here.

Um, and what, like the biggest
symptom that I was experiencing

was actually migraines, very
gnarly migraines at the peak.

I was having migraines like
every two to three days.

Um, at the most painful, I actually
went to the ER, the ER, because we

just did not know what was going on.

Um, you know, and then.

A bunch of other stuff with
just not getting good sleep and

you know, when you’re in pain
and in this weird pain cycle.


It’s just, it’s so distracting.

Like I have no bandwidth
for anything else.


I have a toddler and like I
did not even have the energy

to play with her, you know?

Um, which was really heartbreaking.

So I had tried several things, uh, and
you know, with my nutrition background,

I, I knew it was something nutritional.

And so I kept trying to do
some, um, you know, my own.

Stuff my own regimen.

Uh, and things would sort of
work, but then not fully work.

And it wasn’t until I tried this superfood
program, uh, that I actually finally

had success with a lot of these symptoms
and I am four months into this program.

Like I started off with a 30 day, like
health reset kit jumped into it, and

I’ve actually been taking the prep.

Every day since then.

And I’m four months after the
fact, like I haven’t had a

migraine at all, which is huge.

Like I always at least
getting once a month.

Um, and I haven’t had that.

And who Andrew, like it has
opened up so much bandwidth army.

To like play with my daughter
again and like get my life

back and like have energy.

Uh, and then some
beneficial bonus stuff too.

Like I lost a little weight.

I was getting better sleep.

My skin started looking better.

Like all of these things I wasn’t
experiencing, experiencing as much

inflammation from, um, workout.

How long did it take to
kick in like the initial.


So, so, you know, for me, I, what we
have people start off with is the 30

day lifestyle transformation, and that’s
essentially 60 meals worth of product.

Um, and there’s a couple of
different ways that you can do it.

There’s something called the
simplified schedule, which is

essentially, you’re just replacing
two meals a day for, for 30 days.

Um, and you can still eat food.

It’s not like a restrictive
thing, ideally to support it.

You’re eating clean real foods.

Um, I did, uh, a different schedule,
which was called the accelerated schedule.

And because I was like, I don’t
want these migraines anymore.

Right, right.

30 days into 10 days, 10 days, 10 days.

First 10 days, you’re just doing
like one, you know, one meal a

day with these core four products.

The second set of 10 days, you’re
actually replacing all three meals

and having just the products, but then
also some like snacks and stuff, some,

um, flex foods as they call them.

And then the last 10 days you’re doing
the two, two meals a day replacement.

And so, uh, you know, for
me, I mean, Within a week, I,

um, was getting better sleep.

I had like energy through the roof.

I haven’t been a caffeine drinker
for probably five years or so, which

is, you know, good on one part.

But then I also had like low level energy.

Like I never felt like I had like a
motivational, like get stuff done.

It was always right.

And then a week into taking these
products, I was bouncing off the walls.

Cause like

he didn’t have the whole crash afterwards.

No, no crash.

Cause it wasn’t caffeine.

It’s not, you know, and
it’s all just real based.

And so like that happened.

And then, um, and then I started
losing some inches around my

body and then two weeks into it.

I noticed, um, I, so I went and
hiked to Saint Alena and I hadn’t

been very active for a while and
my husband and I hiked that’s a 10.



You didn’t get sore at all.

Like I got, that’s not true.

I got a little bit sore the second day.

Like the tops of my calves were sore,
but like, that was one of the first

like really mindblowing things for me.

I was like, Whoa.

Like what, like what do you mean?

I just hiked 10 months not
experiencing the normal inflammation.

It’s soreness.


All the inflammation that had been
in my neck and shoulders, um, started

going away and yeah, I wasn’t, I
wasn’t having those migraines anymore.

Um, and there was other, other stuff too.

Um, you know, as a lady, every
month, uh, I was experiencing

like some menstrual cramps.

Those all went away.

A huge.

So there was all this like
added bonus, you know, staff.

Um, so it didn’t take very
long to start seeing results.

And so from there was when, um,
I was like, okay, I want to start

telling everybody about this
anyway, because this is amazing.

So I might as well sign up for the
business and promote it too, because

like, You know, like this is, this
is, um, I’m going to do it anyway.

And like, I’m happy to, like, I
believe in this product so much,

um, that I will start sharing.

So it was, it was a very easy transition
for me after having tried the product

to just start and be like, yep, I’m
going to share this with the world.

Now, have you started seeing any of
the, uh, the business side, um, kick in.

Yeah, absolutely.

So the thing I like about this company
as well is that they, um, you know,

they, they they’ve talked about that.

They essentially are taking the network
marketing model and disrupting it and

kind of turning it on its head in there.

Um, again, I haven’t worked for other
companies, so I don’t know specifically

how it compares, but what I love about
about this company is that they make.

Success really accessible.

And what I mean by that
is there’s a lot of stuff.

Um, there’s a lot of ways in which
you can start kind of earning points

and ranking among, and they have, um,
fast start bonuses, like in my first,

uh, C C someone San Juan starts.

And I, and I hit all these ranks too.

Like, you could make an addition to yours.


There’s also fast start bonuses.

And so there’s like $2,500 in bonuses
that you can make in the first

few months in addition to right.

And so, um, yeah, I mean, I
started, I mean, my first month

I made a thousand dollars.

My second month I made $2,000,
you know, and it was just.

So you’re planning to make
this your full-time job.

I am, I am now.

I was kinda just like, you know,
wasn’t really diving all the way.

I was maybe doing like
10 to 15 hours a week.


Like, okay.

I can do this.

Like, let me see.

And then I just, honestly, it was.


Like, it became almost a game for
me to like, and not game in the

sense of like playing people, but
just like, Ooh, you’re going to

give me a bonus that I can go after.

I want to go after that.


And it plays right into one of the
things that I do naturally and love

doing, which is just talking to people,
connecting and talking to people about

their goals and what they’re doing.

Um, You know, and I have a network that,
that wants to support me in my efforts

to, and, and I mean, at the bottom
line, like these products are so good.

Um, and I, and I say that with the,
with the history of having gone to

nutrition school, and then also I used to.

I sell supplements.

And I, like, I know the quality of
supplements that exist on the market

and I’ve never seen anything like this.


Um, and so, yeah, like I started
seeing some success and, uh, and.

And really kind of like
what I knew I needed to do.


Like, believe in the product.

Well, I was like, okay, but like,
I’m going to be a network marketer.

What I’m going to do you, because like, I
always kind of have a wall up around it.

And then I started actually
doing some research into it.

Network marketing in the industry.


And because there’s people who are
successful at, like, there are people,

there are millions of people who are
doing this or, or involved somehow in

network marketing, you know, either
other customer or as a brand partner.

And I was like, okay, hold up.

Like, what are my blocks around this?

Like, what is my, like, why am
I going like this a little bit?

Why am I putting that wall up?

And, you know, and again,
it was because of the.

The way things have been done in the past.


And so the more I looked into the
industry, um, and the more that I

got trained from my company, um,
and kind of looked into how we’re

doing, like, cause we get trained.

Um, we’re, you know, our training is
really based around consent culture.


We ask permission to send information,
we’re doing the like attraction

marketing and you know what I mean?

And we’re not just like writing
to everyone in our context.

Like, Hey, I found this thing, you need
to do it, you know, whatever that’s, that

is not the way you do things anymore.

And, and, uh, and the company I’m with,
they, like they know that and it’s almost

like they looked at what people do.

I remember, I haven’t never joined one
either, but I know in the past, the

whole scheme was they would invite you to
dinner or they invite you to something.

And then you think it’s about them.

And then as soon as you show up,
it becomes like those presentation.

So I think that, oh my gosh.

Yeah, I know.

And like, I just was talking to a
friend and they said that, like, that

was the same experience that they had.


Fortunately, I never like that.

Wasn’t how I ever was exposed
to stuff, but like, But I have

so many friends that same, like
it’s the paint and switch model.


And that’s just so like, that’s icky.

That is so icky and so unfortunate.

And that’s so right.

That’s what I’m saying is like,
that’s how it used to be done.

And that’s not like that’s
not what we’re trying to do.

Or at least that’s not how
we do things in this camp.

And, and I mean, I, there are still
people I’m sure who, you know, are

doing tactics like that, but it’s not,
you know, It’s not the way to do it

and you don’t have to do it that way.

And you know, we were chatting a
little bit earlier about like, you

know, people want to see a real person
and they want to know that you’re

not just like reaching out to them.

Oh, Hey, I haven’t seen you
since high school, but I’ve been

thinking about you and whatever.

And then, and then it’s like,
Hey, do you want to do this thing?

And you’re like, no.

And they’re like, okay, bye.

And then you never hear
from them, like, right.

So, you know, people want to like
know that you’re still a real human.

Um, and so, yeah, so I’ve been
very impressed with the company

that I’m with in, in terms of that.

And then, you know, I’ve, um, in the
research that I’ve done with the network

marketing, it’s like, okay, Uh, I, I
I’ve been reading this book, um, from

Eric Waray, he’s one of the top trainers
in the network marketing industry.

And he, he has in his book, uh, GoPro,
uh, how to be a professional in that way.

He’s like, let’s break
it down for a second.

Like, hold on.

Like, let’s talk about your dream job.


What if you had your ideal job,
like what would that include

or, or not include, right.

Like, no boss, I can work
when I want no time clock.


Um, no, no employees that aren’t,
you know, motivated or whatever,

and like this whole list of thing.

And then location, freedom.

Uh, I can choose my schedule.

Uh, there’s no cap to the amount
of money that I could make.


Uh, you know, as long as you’re motivated.

And so, you know, when he outlines it that
way and I was like, Ooh, you’re right.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

So then I, yeah, like, and he, the way
he articulates it and just paints the

picture, um, You know, and, and you’d
think about too, like, and I’m not even

saying, like everyone should quit their
day job and jump into network marketing.

Like that’s, you know,
it’s not for everyone.

It’s not, it’s not for everyone and it’s
not, um, you know, and it doesn’t have

to be like the main gig that everybody
does, but what I’m realizing for myself

is that it definitely, um, like the
skill sets that I have in terms of.

Talking to people.

Training people being very passionate
about health, um, you know, um, really

collaborating with people that want
to be there and working together.

Cause like we have our team is
just, so everyone is so supportive.

I mean, you got great products, but then
you also are tapping into this community.

That’s one of the most empowering
in supportive communities

that I’ve ever been a part of.

And I’ve been a part of really
empowering and supportive communities.

Um, and so you’ve, you’ve got, uh,
those two things going on and, you know,

but so, so there’s like that portion.

And then there’s also like the cost of
living or, you know, people are doing

residual stuff online or whatever, you
know, like what I, what I ask and what

I want people to know is just like,
even if it’s not say it’s not network

marketing or whatever, but like, are
you open to a second stream of income?

Because that’s kind of the way
of the future at this point.

And like do your research.

And if you have your own wall up
against network marketing, like,

just ask yourself, why are you
willing to do some research to look

into your own blocks around it?

Because the game is changing.

Like the industry is
changing, um, in totally.


Like it’s not, it’s not the way it used
to be almost like a, like you’re getting

involved in a franchise because I feel
like on social media right now, there’s

so much talk about side hustles and all
these things, which I’m a big believer

in because I have multiple streams of
income, but, um, You know, I think for

someone to go out there and start their
own business would be much harder than

tapping into an existing company that
allows you to just hook right into

what their products are, you know?

Yes, yes, absolutely.

They’ve they’ve already developed
the products they’ve already, um,

you know, they’ve got the marketing
materials, they’ve got all of the

training and support they’ve got.


Like if you compare like
being like a full force.

Entrepreneur on your own versus yeah, I
liked that analogy of the, the franchise.


Um, but it’s even, it’s, it takes
that a little bit further too, because

you, I feel like with franchises,
you still have to like have the

same color scheme and letterhead and
like, you’re still like within the

creative, um, you start, you know, you
can’t change a lot of things, right?

You can’t change, like with
network marketing, you can

do it however you want that.

Then Dick to you in a way that
feels comfortable and like, and

then can align with your own
personal brand, whatever that is.

You know, I mean, there’s some people that
are like, I’m a yoga instructor already,

and now I’ve got this, you know, whatever.

Or there’s some people that
are like, Hey, I’m just sharing

because I’m your friend, right.

You know what I mean?

So you can, you, you have a
little more creative direction

over how you present it.

I mean, there’s obviously still,
you know, let’s stay in alignment

with the parent company, but yeah,
you, you can kind of do it however

you want to fit with your brand.




Now, how do you, um, mainly reach
out to your customers or, um, I kind

of found you the reason I invited
you to do this as on social media.

So I saw.

Videos and, um, that’s kind of
what caught my attention is that

what you’re finding, you’re getting
people to get ahold of you from.


So the thing that, um, you know, uh,
kind of shifted for this company, I mean,

obviously I got involved after COVID,
but, um, You know, people were doing a

lot more in-person stuff, but then once we
all were not allowed to hang out, um, like

most of it is done through social media.

And so what I’ve been doing is kind of
taking, um, uh, the approach of just

sharing my story, sharing my story
in different ways through posts or

just like, you know, when I actually,
when I did my 30 day, I was checking

in every few days kind of just.

About my progress and people were
interested, Hey, what are you doing?

Like, you know, and then I’ve actually
been interviewing other people who

have also had healing journeys with
these products and, um, and you

know, highlighting their stories.

I mean, there’s so many stories of no
reversing, certain ailments and, um, and

having some great like healing there.

And then, uh, and then I’m also
trying to do some education, right?

So like, Supplement nerd and
nutrition background, like I’m diving

deep into the, um, the products.

And so I will share what I find and
I, I try to do it in just like little

bite sized pieces of like, Hey, I’m
going to just tell you about this one

product for five minutes or whatever.

Um, and go from there.

Um, and so, yeah, it’s mostly
been through, so, you know, just

sharing on social media, although
we have started, we’ve done two.

Um, socially distance outside at a
park, um, MREs getting her physical

training, you know, she’s and so we’ve
actually been doing, um, where she’ll

lead a group through a workout, and
then we do a tasting, a superfoods

tasting afterwards sometimes actually
I think I saw a video of that.



So that’s been, that’s actually been
great too, but we’re, you know, we’re

not diving too much into that because
obviously we’re so in the throws of, you

know, the COVID parameters and whatnot,
but, um, you know, I mean, I think

it’s important for people to try the
product and, and kind of go from there.

So, yeah, but it’s very easy to do it.

Just kind of by sharing online.


If someone wants to get ahold of you and,
um, talk to you more about it or do a

taste test, how do they get ahold of you?

Yeah, so, um, the two main ways, uh, is
to reach out either on Instagram, uh,

Jessica Fox Berry on Instagram, and then
Facebook Jessica Fox Berry as well, and,

uh, and can reach out, you know, uh,
either of those I’m, I’m kind of on both

of those and the messenger softwares.

Kind of often throughout the day.

Um, and yeah, I’d be happy to chat.



Well, thank you so much for your time.

Yeah, absolutely.

Thanks for, thanks for having me.

This has been fun.


Thanks for watching my video to learn
more tips and tricks, how to save

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Um, my goal is to keep giving you
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Thank you.