Real Estate Experience Interview with Eric Braceland

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Awesome to have Eric Braceland as he share about his experience in Real Estate! 🏠

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So here I am.

I’m with Eric today, and we’re going to talk about his experience

in real estate so far.

He’s down in San Di, actually, right outside of San Diego

and Escondido.

And first off, we met in Huntington Beach, I believe.



He was that Craig Proctor seminar.

It’s like a boot camp.

So you’ve been a member of that program for a little over

a year now, actually, two and a half years in that two and

a half years.


And what do you think about that so far?

I like it.

It’s pretty helpful.

It’s a good community.

Everyone’s really supportive.

It’s been good.

And you’re on your third coach now, my fourth coach, fourth

coach, while I did it for one year.

So I did a one year coaching, and I thought it was interesting

because my coach is actual actually in New York.

So we had, like, a three hour difference.

And then he stopped selling Real State himself years ago.

So he was purely a coach.

And I think that’s kind of a little bit of my downside of

it was that he wasn’t an active realtor.

And you actually got your broker’s license, too, right.

I did last Halloween.


That’s cool.

So the exact takes about two years of experience, right?


Two years.

The minimum.

You got to do kind of an apprenticeship as a sales agent

before you’re eligible to take your burger get exam.

And you didn’t waste any time.

No, I want to get the ID.

So I did that.


And on my fourth, a Proctor coach, I’m a Proctor platinum

member. So that’s kind of one of the upper tiers.

And then I’m pretty selective about my coaches.

My first coach is in Houston.

All four of them are still producing, which I like that is

good. Yeah.

But then the one in Houston, I wanted someone that kind of

all the Idiosyncrasies of our local market, or at least someone

in California.

So my second coach was in anemone so just not to hear.

And he was really great.

But at Lake, that was actually one of Blake’s part of James

was Brett.


So that was good.

And then he actually left the program to go more complate

team. He’s on Blakes team now.

And all the correct profit program to leverage what EXP had

to offer.

And then so I went with another gentleman up in San Francisco

area. I was coaching.

And now I’m with Brett Saran in the Phoenix area.


So what actually got you into the real estate career to start

with? So I did a full naval career.

I was a naval lobster for 20 years, and I kind of bought

and sold homes on the side.

When I was in the Navy, I did a lot of buy and hold investments,

which I did really well with in San Diego.

And I and then I decided to jump into it full time.

I got my license right when I got out.

And what do you think about it so far?

Is it easier than you thought it would be?

Oh, no, it’s a very hard challenges.

What’s the hardest part?

Getting clients, getting the clients.

There’s a lot of competition down there.

There’s a lot of competition down here.

And when you think about it, those of you who have dipped

a toe into real estate and gotten your license, they don’t

teach anything about how to get clients license.

It’s all about just how to follow the rules and not break

the law.


So the correct Proctor program has been invaluable and not

from I’ve learned a ton about marketing, different techniques,

how to fish and go.

What would you say?

What’s your ideal client look like down there?

So my ideal client is really someone kind of like me, not

someone in their late 30?

S to early 50?


I love working with military members.

I know that inside.

And now I I understand all the unique challenges and what’s

the market like down there right now sounds pretty good.

We like it is everywhere, I’m sure.


So houses, everything that comes up on the market.

So right now, we have our inventory hovers right around 100

homes for sale and the whole County in San Diego.

That’s not enough.

No, everything that comes on the market gets a couple of

dozen offers while all over asking price, which is frustrating

for buyers.

They don’t understand why they would have to pay more than

less spreads for a property, right?

Yeah, we’re kind of getting that up here, too.

But what’s kind of your strategy going forward?

The rest of 2,021 my marketing.

I’m doing direct mail to a couple of neighborhoods, farming

areas, and then I’m also doing a lot of stuff in social media,

just keeping a presence with my share of influence and also

trying to market to new people.

So I actually deal almost exclusively with total strangers.

So I differ from a lot of real estate agents that deal.

A lot of us deal primarily with our sphere, but I don’t have

any family here.

I’m from Connecticut, so I don’t have a huge sphere here.

So I figured out ways to market the strangers and into clients

before the Pandemic.

Were you doing any open houses?

I was still doing a few open houses.

Yeah, actually, I guess my last deal before the Pandemic

was a client.

I got picked up from an open house, and there was one home

I wasn’t even selling.

So I wrangled my way into a for sale by owner and talked

her out.

Let me do an open house, and I picked up a client and close

the deal off that.

Are you seeing a lot of for sale by owners right now?

No, I’m not not here in San Diego, but I hear it’s happening.

It’s probably easier now than it’s ever been.

It seems like it would be.

How big is your territory that you service down there?

So I work the whole County.

So it’s San Diego County goes all the way from Chula Vista

down in the South.

So the order the international border of Mexico all the way

up to Camp Pebbles in the North.

So the marine base up there just South of Data for Data Point

and San Clemente.



As far as Zillow right now is kind of a big player as far

as doing the instant offers.

Are you seeing any splash with that down there?

We do the whole Ibuyer thing.

They’re probably absorbing about 10% of market.

So COVID had an impact on that where it kind of slowed the

I. Buyers.

A lot of them shut down temporarily just because they didn’t

know how to maneuver in that environment.

But they do have a presence here, not something that you

and I are in love with obviously had taken our market share,

but there’s always ways to adapt and overcome and work around.


So you have a couple of special programs I know that you

offer. So you have one for buyers, and then you have one

for sellers.

Does that kind of help you stand out versus other agents?

It does.

So we have a buyback guarantee, just like most retail businesses,

they’ll take something back if you don’t like it.

So if you buy your home with us, well, if you, you know,

like it for any reason, we’ll buy it back within the first

18 months, then we also have a guaranteed sale program.

And there’s all kinds of different variations on that that

we offer.

But essentially it’s if your home doesn’t sell for some reason,

we will buy it.

So that kind of takes away the risk, then it does.

And it’s a good alternative to the Ibuyers because they’re

going to offer you one single price, taker or leave it on

your home.

With a guaranteed sale program, we give you essentially 190

to 120 days, which holds us on much faster than not.


Within that time period, we have a guaranteed sale price

because we wouldn’t contract for you.

But within that time period, we’re marketing your home.

If you get a higher offer, you’re free to take that and make

that extra profit where you wouldn’t be able to with the

Ibuyer program with Zillow, instant offers or Opendoor range

of those programs, what’s the best way to for people to get

a hold of you?

Are you on social media, or do you still kind of run off

your cell phone, or what’s the best way that you kind of

communicate with your buyers?

I know.

For me, texting is pretty big.


So the best way is just call me or text me directly.

And my cell phone number is 619-947-3560.

Okay, that’s the best way.

But I am all over social media.

My company is called Brace Land Phones, and we have a YouTube

channel. All, we have Instagram page.

We’re on LinkedIn.

We’re on Facebook.

We have a Facebook page.

I also have a personal Facebook page, not Eric Graceland.

And we’re also on Twitter.

This is out there and Google.

So we have a Google my business for racemes, and you just

Google errand.

I find you.

Well, my daughter, I think she’s going to accept her she

acceptance to San Diego State, so she ends up going down

there, and I’m sure we’re going to want to go visit her a

lot. Maybe we’ll be looking into a condo down there, so that’d

be great to work with you.

And vice versa.

If you have anyone up here looking to relocate to the North

Bay, hopefully we can kind of cross past in the future.


Jane, Yeah, I know you’re the man.

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