Interview with the Pizza Brothers | Experience of how they got their first Home!

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I mean, we are here our product, Mountain Mike’s Pizza.

You already know you have had now my pizza good.


It’s a good pizza.

I know.

It’s great.

All right, guys, thanks for doing this with me today.

So this is Rachel and his brother, Prius.

And you guys were one of my clients two years back.

And you guys were Super young.

Guys are young now.

But back then, you guys were barely 20, 21 years old, I think

I was 21.


Back when we met.


So that’s interesting how he met as well.

So basically I met your dad at his work.


And he knew I was in the real estate.

And so he actually referred me to his brother.

Your uncle, right?


And so I sold him a few investments here in Santa Rosa.

And then after those two and you helped out quite a bit with

the translation.

He’s he’s good English, but just kind of the real estate

lingo, I guess.

And then after he bought those two investments here, you

guys were basically ready to go.

And how was that process for you?

Was it a little scary, or are you guys pretty excited to

get your first home?

It was a very good experience.

So we met you.

We have known you for about 6, 7 years now, I believe.

And it was great working with you.

You definitely guided us through the process and buying the

first house in America.

It was good.

We were feeling like we’re heading to in the right direction.


Yeah, it was definitely a good experience buying a house

here and meeting a person like you who helped us out throughout

the process sometimes because we definitely looked at a lot

out. It was actually fun, too.

I remember it was a lot of fun.


And so you guys are still in that home in Santa Rosa.

And since then, at the time, you were working at Mountain

Mike Pizza, right.

And now we were working at I think I was working at the one

on 7 Avenue at that burned down during the fire.

That’s right.

And then you moved to the one on Montgomery.

Yes, I remember.


And so since then, you guys now have bought into a franchise,

correct? Yes.

And it’s been just over a year.

It’s been just a little bit over a year now.


How has that been?

It was a crazy year because you started right before the

pandemic, right.


And we start a start.


Kind of nervous in the beginning.

The first when the comet happened, the first couple months

were really slow.

We were really scared, like we have to put someone down into

it. Yeah.

It was basically our start of the greeting.


The end make happened.

We’re Super nervous, but Thankfully, we pull to it.

We survived.


Well, that’s because of the community in Petaluma really

supportive. Like we literally had clients coming in saying,

Hey, you guys are family business.

You know, we’re here to support you.

No, that is really appreciate it.

It’s a great community is a lot of people who actually go

around try to get their business just the local.

Ah, like, every day, like, different businesses, help them

out, support destiny.

That was a great community up there.

I remember me and my wife did the same thing when we kind

of knew all the restaurants.

We are gonna have to stop having to indoor dining.

We made a point to try to go around as much as we could and

support all the waiters and the waitresses that survive off

their tips, you know, into.


You totally understand where.

Yeah, exactly.

I mean, I’ve never been waiter, but people that survive of

the hospitality business takes a big hit.

How did it work with your employees?

So we do have a couple of employees that happened with us

since they won and Kobe didn’t really scare them or anything.

We’re on the schedule.

They basically showed up for us and helped us through it.



We were still scheduling a regular schedules for our employees,

and they were there for us.

How long did the process take you guys to actually buy into

the Mountain Mic?

Was it like a long process to to be honest, we have been

looking into buying businesses for a long time.

And we tried, I think, four different businesses, but it

wasn’t working out.


One always work work out.


He kept trying.

And then we landed.

We were talking to so one day, so can the hospitality is

the amount in Santa Rosa.

So he told us, Hey, this location is for sale.

If you guys he was like, I know that you guys are looking

for business to buy, and if you want to get into this just

available. So we’re like, Hey, man, Mike is a great franchise.

They have good marketing, everything.

And we have been with me for a while.


We thought it was a good idea to jump in and make something

out of it.

That’s great.

So you guys are just very persistent about your goal and

just kept going?


Pretty much.

What kind of tips could you recommend?

Other young entrepreneurs?

I mean, you guys got in Super young.

And so I think a lot of people be intimidated for myself.

I got into real estate about your age.

I think about 21 and 22.

And the same thing.

I remember the feeling feeling of working with other agents

that were something like twice my age.

And it was pretty intimidating.

And now it’s been all the time.

So this year, I’ll be 40.

And so now I kind of don’t have that same feeling.

But it took a while at the beginning to kind of get over

that fear.

I’m so young.

I don’t know everything that I’m doing, but just being persistent

and keep learning every day right.

So with us, we were very nervous, too.

In the beginning, we basically I didn’t really know what

we were doing, but at the same time, we had the skill in

this business.

So we were very confident because we already had the background.

We already know how everything works in this business, how

the franchise works.

So our experience was one of the best things that we had

that helped us through the first year of business.

We are still learning and everything.


Working at Mountain Rice four years.

That’s what gave us the confidence.


It’s you your brother and your dad, right?


And does your mom also work there or just your dad is single

family. Yeah.

In the family gets me.

So whenever we need them, they come in to help us out.


It’s working out.


What are your plans going for?

So now you made it past the first year.

Are you going to plan to open up the second one or just keep

it at the one for now?

So we are going to wait and see how the situation turns out

to be.

We have vaccines out now, which is a great news.


So hopefully everything starts getting better.

And we do definitely have some plans to open other businesses

as well in the future.



For now, I think we’re going to focus on what we have, take

this one to the Max and then move on to I mean, our goal

definitely right now is to raise the sales.


Because when we bought into this, I mean, it was pretty bad

already and hope it hits.

So we took a pretty hard hit.

But after that, I think because of our experience, customer

service, just because of that, I think it’s like taking the

sales up.

But we got to keep this up because right now you have to

be 100% take out.


Delivery take out.

There’s no indoor dining.

Yes, we’re going to take out.

But Yeah, it’s working out.

We have been getting a lot of take out doors and deliveries

now that everything is finally, I think, stepping to our

being normal.

So what’s, like the number one contributor, you think that’s

going to help you succeed in the next 12 months?

What can we kind of focus to help you or let the community

know what’s the best thing they can do to kind of support

your business in Petaluma?

I mean, we are here our product, Mountain Mike Pizza.

You already know you have had out my shade.

It’s a good pizza right now.


So we are really confident in our product and everybody to

try it.

I think it’s given a try one time, see your life if you like

it. We’re pretty sure you’ll like it.


I’m kind of like a late adopter.

Mountain Mike S.

I’m so used to the typical roundtable or maybe a little Caesar.

So that was kind of like our go to for pizza.

But Yeah, Mountain Mics definitely has good quality products.


Yes, we do use fresh ingredients every time on every day.

And we also make our do in house.

We do it every day.

Fresh ingredients fresh.

And Yeah, I think that’s what makes our product going fresh.


Great, guys.

Well, thank you so much for sharing.

And I think your story is very inspiring.

And so I’m kind of new to this podcast game, but I just felt

like you guys have always been the back of my head, someone

that really wanted to share your story and kind of get out

there so people can be inspired by you guys.

Thank you, Andrew.

We are new to this, too, so it’s kind of a new experience.

Well, it was very nice talking to you.

And thank you for letting us share our story with you and

whoever’s watching this, I guess.


Where do they find you guys website or what about a phone

number? Yeah, you can give us a call at 707-769-8989.

And that’s our store phone number.


And one of us is always here, so feel free to reach out with

anything you need.

We’re always here.

You pizzas for parties, business meetings, whatever it is

a catering.



Give us a call.

We’ll we’ll make everything work.


Alright, we’ll pass that on.

All right.


Thanks for watching my video.

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