How I got started in Real Estate

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In this video, I will be sharing to you how I got started in Real Estate!

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Andrew, how did you get started in real estate?

It all started off with the bet from my father.

So at the time, I was about 20 years old, and I was working

at an old changers in Petaluma.

And at the time, I was just enjoying my freedom and working

with all my friends.

And he wanted to help me get into a career.

And so one day he made me a bet.

I don’t remember the exact number I want to say or something

like 30,000.


So at the time, I was making 2,000 dollars a month on a salary

working 12 hours a day.

But I didn’t mind it because I was like I said, I was working

with my friends, and I kind of liked what I did.

And so when he made me the bet that he was gonna make something

like 30 0 in the next 30 days, I had no problem betting against

him, and I kind of forgot about it.

And then 30 days later, he shows back up, and he shows me

his Commission checks that he did it.

And so I put my two week notice at the old changes, and I

had to start training a new manager.

And the whole deal was it was like a full immersion.

So I was living on my own, and I didn’t have a curfew.

Obviously, I was 20 years old, but I moved out from my parents

when I was about 17.

And so I was used to having that sort of freedom and paying

for all my own stuff.

And part of the deal was I had to move back in with my parents,

and they actually gave me a curfew at 20 years old.

And I were very strict on me.

I ended up getting my license and working with my parents.

At the time, they were doing real estate loans, property

management. And that’s at the time I met my wife.

So we started dating at that time.

So I don’t think he liked that.

That was another distraction that I was doing.

And so we kind of set and one of our separate ways.

So I ended up working for a competing real estate company.

And I remember they set me on a two week training.

So me and other agent, a new agent who would commute together.

She was great at the time.

Like I said, I was 20 years old.

I think she was in her 40?


And so she would pick me up early in the morning, and we

drove. I think it was pushing on every day for two weeks.

And she made me a little juices the dream in the morning.

And I think she’s still in real estate, but in a different

city. And so we did that, and they would literally pick people

out of the training.

It’s a very large room, like a ball room.

And they would pick people randomly, and they would take

them either doorknocking.

Or make phone calls.

So at the end of the day, they would come back in and talk

about their experiences and what they did to get business

that day.


So I loved it.

And then I came back and I worked for that company for a

little while.

And then the tricky thing my dad did was he ended up hiring

my wife to work with.


So once he did that, at first I didn’t like it.

And then that kind of brought me back into the company.

So it was a full on family business.


That’s a very strategic hire.


So he kind of knew what he was doing, and it worked out.

And we had a good run.

And he ended up retiring in 2,007.

So in 2,007, when he retired, then the same thing, I kind

of went off on my own.

Very cool.

What did you think when he first saw his Commission after

he put up his end of the bargain, he was like, let me show

you. It really expanded my mind.

It’s kind of like that movie Wolf of Wall Street.

That scene when he asked Leonardo DA are how much money he

makes and how much money?

It 70,000 dollars last month.

And when he said it, he was very matter of fact.

And the other guy, Jonah Hill, he said, Well, prove it to

me. And if you prove it to me, then I’ll quit my job.

It’s fine, Alison.

I quit.

And then he did.

And so the thing about real estate is you don’t always make

that kind of money every single month.

I’m sure some agents do.

But it is possible to have months where you’re making, you

know, even more, maybe 50,000 or 60,000 dollars a month.



Depending on the agent, it’s like any business, it’s hard

to get started.

But then once you are well established, because at that point,

your dad had been doing it for how many years?

Well, he was probably in his 40 or so.

He started pretty young as well.

And so he had a pretty good history.

And that’s the one thing I like is when I go to different

conferences, like real estate seminars.

I love meeting agents from all over the country, maybe even

Canada and hearing their stories.

And they’re real people and knowing that some of them are

making upwards to the millions per year or selling real estate.

Basically, this career of this job is basically like a self

development journey with a pay structure attached to it.

So that’s why it’s almost like a sport or a game and you’re

always evolving.

I think my dad now we’re not, like, the closest of father

and son relationship, but I do make a point to thank and

for getting me into this business to think if you would have

stood at that job or he could have gotten trapped there for

3, 4 or five years.


I eventually would have had to do something else.

But I was having fun, and I think he just looked at it like

I was just kind of wasting my time.


The opportunity cost.



That’s so good.

What was the name of the other company you had first started

with? Yeah.

They’re not even around anymore.

It was a Credential.




Can you explain a little more of the Lady who was taking

you around making is for you as she was Super nice.

And she kind of figured if we’re both commuting, it was like

an hour and a half, two hours to get to Blessington and back.

And so she figured lessons go together.

And so she would pick me up in the morning, and I would always

offer to take terms driving.

But she was fine driving every day.

But I think she just liked the company.

So she picked me up, and then she’d bring me it was not even,

like a regular juice to carrot juice or something.

That’s so cool.

She kept me healthy.


She knew.

Yeah, that’s so cool.

And then afterwards, she went back to work with the previous

he said, what was the name of it?

The Credential denial.


But then with your dad who was at Credential?


My dad was an independent broker.




He had his own company.

So when I first started working with my dad, he was Super

busy. He didn’t really have the time to train me and teach

me all the in and outs of certain things.

So it’s kind of his suggestion.

Maybe I go to another company and kind of learn the ropes

a little bit.

And then for me, I just looked at that a way out.

I mean, who wants to at that age work with her dad day in

and day out?

But then you eventually went back with your dad?


I went back because he hired my wife to work there as a processor

and just a kind of brought us all back together.


That’s Super cool.

And then after that, what do the journey look like afterwards?

So he kind of always wanted me to keep like I said, I started

when I was 20, you got my license.

And then he kind of encouraged me to get my broker’s license.

And so by the time I was 25, I had gotten my broker’s license,

which means that I didn’t have to work for another company.

I can just work on my own.

And that’s what I did for about five years.


How does that work for five years?

I liked it.

I’m not really a corporate type of guy doing the weekly meetings

and just certain things, like having asked permission for

certain stuff.

And so I like being independent, but at this point, it’s

my career.

I like working for a big company.

I’m with Coldwell Banker right now.

So I like having the background and all the resources that

they bring and the marketing.

And I feel like for me, at this point of the game, I’m all

about my clients and making sure that every every base is

covered on their end.

And so if any issues were to come up or anything, I feel

like working with Cold Banker is going to benefit them the

most. I love your story of how you get started.

It’s just like, wait, wait, wait.

What’s going on?

I feel like the typical agent actually uses real estate as

a second career.

So I think the average real estate agent is whenever you

look it up, it’s always someone, like, in their 40?

S or 50?


And so they kind of have, like, a full on career, and then

something happens.

Maybe they get laid off, or maybe they just get sick and

tired of it.

And then they look at real estate as an option because of

the flexibility.

So for a couple of years after working with my dad, I did

try other things.

I worked at a car dealership.

I sold timeshare and working with other companies schedules

and then going back to real estate.

And knowing that real estate was there before, the freedom

really is what it’s the best part, though.

The unlimited income is nice, but just knowing that you don’t

have to ask someone permission to take your birthday off

or Mother’s Day, so you can kind of plan your schedule around

your business.


That’s so good.

How is it selling timeshares?

It was interesting.

I did it for about a month selling the actual timeshares.

And the one trip thing is most of the people that are in

there already own timeshares.


So there are a few people that never have owned a timeshare.

Don’t know much about it, but it seems like it’s almost like

its own lifestyle.

So there’s a lot of retired teachers, firefighters, police

officers because they get to retire fairly young.

And so once they’re retired in their mid 50?

S, they have their whole rest of their life to travel.

And if you know how to work, it timeshares cost effective.

And so I did that for about a month.

And then I actually went into marketing.

So I did marketing for about a year and a half for the timeshare.

That’s so cool.

Do you have a timeshare?

I want one.

So I still want one.

But right now, with four kids, basically, they’re all teenagers.

Just doing their sports and school kind of keeps us busy.


I can imagine getting one through traveling a little bit

more. That’s so cool.

Where you where would you get a timeshare at?

Probably mainly Hawaii.

And they have a lot of them in Florida.

So something are on the Beach.

Very cool.

Super good.

Well, cool.

Thanks for sharing your story.

How you got started and not so good.

I’m so glad.

I love these stories.

Is so good.


Glad it worked out.


All right, cool.

Signing off.

All right, mate.

Thanks for watching my video.

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