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On October 8th, 2017, around 9:45 p.m, a fire broke out near Tubbs Lane in Calistoga California. Pushed by strong winds, the front of the fire moved more than twelve miles in its first three hours. The Mark West Springs area, north of Santa Rosa, was directly in the path of the fire.

Take a look on how beautiful Fountain grove Santa Rosa! 🏠 In this video, i will be telling you everything about Fountain Grove in Santa Rosa!

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Andrew, tell us all about this area.

So Fountain Groves, a very prestigious area in tinarosa.

Most of it was burnt down and the tub fire.

So the homes that are being rebuilt are a state of they are

all the best materials.

A lot of the trees have been burned down, and it’s just everything

you’ve seen on TV as far as HDTV, all the newest trends,

colors, fixtures, basically.

That’s where you’re finding it right now.


So it’s like on a Hill.

It’s kind of like away from everything.

It’s right off the freeway.

It’s kind of like a cross from a major hospital.

We have Kaiser at the base of it.

There’s a Home Depot, a grocery store.

And then it kind of cuts through to the other side of it,

basically goes from East to West.

So it kind of connects central Santa Rosa to East Santa Rosa.

Okay, Let’s do this.

Let’s go through some photos real quickly.

And and you were saying that this area is very expensive.

What’s the civil price range in these houses?

Pretty much looking at a million dollars, I would say starting

and then it can go up to close to about 4,000,000 from there.


So this is kind of like when the fire happened, I’m thinking.



So these are the type of house.


You’re seeing Super modern now.

A lot of farmhouse style.

The golf course, the golf course.

It’s a private golf course, but there’s houses all around

it with beautiful views, so you don’t have to be a member

of the course to enjoy the scenery.




That’s no joke.

Doesn’t seem like the desire of the poll is definitely it

looks like the area.

The golf course, the prestige, the view.

The homes up there have views, city views or mountain views.

Most of the lots are pretty large, maybe quarter acre.

And some of the bigger ones are sitting on about two to 5

acres. Got it.

You have a lot more spacing in between the homes, right.

The size of the homes, they can get up to about 10,000 square

feet. Got it.

An average home up there is probably around 3,000 square

feet. Got it.


So this is kind of the area in terms of Fountain Grove to

the North Bay area to your North of Santarosa.

What’s the drive like?

How far are you from?

It seems like you’re kind of more and then a little further

away from everything.

Some people obviously might not like that, but it’s right

off the freeway.

So you’re just a couple of minutes from the freeway and then

downtown Santa Rosa, you’re probably looking at about eight

to 10 minutes down the road.

That’s not bad at all.



So it’s not the most pricey area in Santa Rosa.

So if you Zoom out a little bit.

So if you see it there where it says Shilow Ranch.

Yeah, I kind of Zoom in log on that.

It’s actually called Maya comma right there.

So my Coma Golf club still technically in Santa Rosa.

That’s across from our airport.

So we have Santa Rosa Airport, and that area over there also

has a private golf club.

And those homes range anywhere from on the low end.

You’re probably two to 3,000,000, and they go up to about

10 to 15,000,000.

Some of those.



That’s like a gated community.

And it’s a Super luxury, Super high end.


You can kind of see the difference between there and found

growth. Okay.

Do people move from fountain growth to this area?

I would say some a lot of people that own in my comma are

actually might be their second or a third home.

So they could be retired politicians or people that own venture

capitalists, something like that.

So people who live in this area.


You’re not really living there year round.

Some of them.

That is interesting.

That’s kind of like Newport Beach and go by now for Beach.

And all the houses are kind of empty.

And you’re like, do people live here?

And it’s the people’s vacation home, which is Super interesting.

I-I-I guess so for it seems like it’s like an attainable,

really nice area for people who are just moving up in terms

of the socioeconomic ladder, but not to where my combo is.


It’s more like a lot of working doctors, nurses, attorneys,

some real estate agents, business owners, a lot of them are

there. And then the Maya comma is probably more of, like

the upper echelon business owners, maybe people that have

cashed out on selling their businesses after working their

whole life and something like that.



Well, thanks the info.

We’re looking forward to the next video.

When you go through Count and Grove and you show us in more

detail all about that, I will.


All right.

Colleen, thank you.

Thanks for watching my video.

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