Andrew’s Top 5 Hiking Spots

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Full Transcription Below:

Hi guys! In this video, we have Top 5 Hiking Spots within

and around Santa Rosa. Andrew,

Give us the, from easiest to hardest, Top 5 hiking spots.

At the easiest and probably the one I’ve done the most

is Spring Lake. The nice thing about it is its paved so you can
ride a bike,

push strollers. A lot of people walk their dogs and almost seems

like every single person have the dog on that trail and you’re

walking around a beautiful small lake called Spring Lake

and during the summertime get have a canoe and they have

like a little restaurant opening over there.

So you kind of have a little lunch or bring your own food

have a picnic and if you want to continue on it’s about 2.3 miles

But if you continue on there’s also Lake Ralphie’s

right next door.

So you do the whole walk.

It’s about 4 miles, which is really easy to get to.

Kinda at the East side of Santa Rosa.

Okay, cool.

And there’s another Lake, that’s even better.

There’s a lake and it’s free parking, too.

Oh, heck yeah.

Always a win. Always a win.

Let’s do number 2, Prince Memorial Greenway.

Another very easy Trail would be the Prince Memorial Greenway.

It kind of goes through downtown Santa Rosa right behind

the Marriott hotel and you have used of kind of old downtown

Santa Rosa about two miles long and you can continue on it

runs into the center of the creek.


Very cool.

It’s a little more of a Suburban kind of a hike


Sounds good to me.

Let’s do

What about number 3, the Western Trail at Taylor Mountain?


So Taylor Mountain I’ve done that one a few times.

It’s beautiful. The whole time you’re walking, there’s view

This one you do have to pay for parking, it’s about $7.

There’s also disk golf which I haven’t tried yet, but there’s

the 18-hole dip disk golf and this hike is about four and

a half miles right now, but the city’s planning on expanding

it to be up to about 17 miles of Holy Grail. The nice thing

about it is when you get to the top is the beautiful view.

So you’re going to be able to see the Mayacamas Mountains,

Coastal Range and other landmarks in Santa Rosa.

Nice! It looks beautiful from seeing photos.

Very cool.

And that one is a moderate to strenuous hike for those.


It kinda depends on how fast you want to get the hike

done. If you have a lot of time and you can go pretty

slow. But if you’re in a hurry and it’s going to

Definitely be strenuous.

Nice. Definitely. Let’s do number four, North Sonoma

Mountain Ridge Trail.

This is a beautiful trail, its on the east side of town kind

of different angles you can take to it.

But you want to do a shorter one, about 3.7 miles

you’re basically just going to do a loop. Actually its

not a loop. You’re going to go up and then come back down or

if you want to do the whole thing for about 8 miles long.

And its part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Cool. 8 miles.

That’s pretty good.


It’s a good thing.

Let’s do, last but not least the most strenuous one.

Last one, Gunsight Rock at Hood Mountain Regional Park.

Yeah, so I kind of working my way up to this hike I haven’t

done it yet myself but it has the best view. Going to start off

in seven dollar parking fee.

And this one has about 19 miles of trails and it’s gonna

give you view all the way through the Golden Gate Bridge, so it’s

about 2,000 foot elevation.

And definitely if you’re an experienced hiker, you’re

not afraid of burning calories.

That’s definitely the one you’re going to want to do.


Yeah, definitely that seems like 19 miles is not for the

faint of heart. For sure.

We’ll throw a map on there so you guys

can check out.

When are we going to do that one, Andrew?

I’m trying to train for right now.

We’ll put a timeline on it.

Maybe the summer.


Let’s do it.

Alright guys.

This is the Top 5 Hiking Spots Around Santa Rosa

If you are interested in learning more about that.

We’ll leave more information in the description below.

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